Cover Letter Templates

The following cover letter template sets out the information you need to include in the cover letter you submit with your CV or resume.

Paragraph One: Introductory Paragraph

  • Inform the reader how you found out about the job, identifying the specific website, newspaper or personal contact. This is your only chance to give the name of someone who may influence whether or not you actually get the job.
  • State exactly which position you are seeking. If a position number or job title is used, it should be included here.
  • Even though it is obvious, state that you wish to be considered for the position.
  • The last sentence should be a thesis statement that gives a brief overview of the remaining paragraphs.

Paragraph Two: Education Paragraph

  • If you are a newly graduated student, or if you lack relevant work experience, this paragraph will come before the employment paragraph.
  • Be sure to develop one unified key idea. The paragraph should revolve around a central theme, not just be a listing of courses you have taken or universities you have attended.
  • The key idea you have chosen should explain how your education helps you meet the qualifications of the position.
  • Mention any special training or courses that enhance your suitability for this particular job.

Paragraph Three: Employment Paragraph

  • If you hold more than five years of related work experience, this paragraph may come before the education paragraph.
  • Again, begin with a topic sentence that contains one key idea and use the paragraph to develop and explain the idea.
  • Try to link your employment experience to your education.
  • Here, you should concentrate on how your employment background qualifies you for this position.
  • Write any special skills or knowledge you possess that will make you especially suited to the available job.

Paragraph Four: Optional Paragraph

  • The content of this paragraph may vary depending on your career field.
  • You can use this paragraph to further explain an aspect of your education or employment that relates to the position you are seeking.
  • If you are considering relocation, you can use this space to explain why you want to move, and what you can contribute to your new community.

Paragraph Five: Concluding Paragraph

  • The ultimate goal of the cover letter is to convince the reader to review your CV or resume and invite you for an interview.
  • You must refer to your enclosed CV or resume, even though this is obvious.
  • Politely, yet confidently request an interview. A phrase like, “at your convenience,” works well.
  • State how you would like to be contacted; refer to the phone number and e-mail, which should be in your letterhead above. Also provide the best time of day to reach you.

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